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Today was alright, it was at least a bit better than the first 2 days.

Got to skool, Joy gave me a lil card, we talked for awhile, then Crystal showed up later on.

History is really boring. My teacher doesnt make it any fun at all. We did something on 9/11. Lame!!!

Biology was alright, she taught us how she wants us to take notes for her class. o....k

Multimedia was ok. The internet was running, so I jumped on for a bit.

Lunch was ok. THey let us up like 10 mins early to avoid the rush. but why not just 5? that seems like plenty of time...

ALgebra was ok. did some easy work today, then talked to Natalie for the rest of the class.

English was pretty boring. He read to us about Benjamin Franklin. not too interesed considering ive heard that story hundreds of times these past 2 years lol.

Phys Ed was fun. I wasnt interested in walking, prolly cause they wouldnt care what I said. Its been like that the past few days. so I played basketball w/ some of the guys. it was fun...we tied though...

Geography was ok, but I was really nervous the entire time (I wonder why...). did this map thing. a lot of ppl are leaving or left, including Crystal and Lou. oh well...

Well, im learning a few more songs on guitar tonight, including some from Jimmy Eat World. its pretty fun. thatll be my entertainment for tonight, and tomorrow ill prolly head out around the city...but I dunno yet. Oh well, thats all from me.
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