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  • Music: shoud I feel right now? thats pretty much the question ive been asking myself all day. well, I met up w/ Jess around noon. we walked to Coconuts then , her friend picked us up and we went for their shots. came back. walked around Sears and Coconuts (again). we then went to see Meet The Fockers. it was really funny. but I walked home towards the end of the movie since Jess had to go, and to stop me from thinking, I walked out also. Cause it seemed like she didnt wanna hang out w/ me at all today. Maybe its just my nervous vibe I get occasionally, but I just dont know.

Now, on to my friends issue and all. Some friends say that well be friends forever, but in reality, its never gonna happen. Since some ppl act like my friend before, now they ignore me like im invisible. Now how do you think that makes me feel? What would you do if everyone ignored you? well, maybe theyre just tired of me, and feel that I wont care if they ignored me or not. well im a fuckin human also! Im seriously thinking about dropping a few "so called" friendships now, if they dont see that I exist. And the reason that im writing this is cause some of those ppl are on my friends list...oh what are the odds of that? oh well, thankfully, I have a few real friends left. I dont care anymore...

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