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well, I went down to the block party down a couple blocks about an hour or so ago. since I saw a pretty big fireworks show and all, which got me interested. so I went down and danced to a couple songs they were playing. it was pretty funny since during the Chicken, a guy in a chicken suit came in jumping around. but of course he goit chased around by the little kids for about a half hour lol. but it was kool, especially when they played Cotton Eyed Joe. oh you know I went crazy when that came on lol.

oh and I tried to put eyeliner on. I thought it was pretty kool. these are some pics I took w/ some of it on:

I look a bit gothic in some of those pics dontcha think? lol. but it was pretty kool to have it on, I may make it a habit to wear it occasionally. but yeah...thats it for now...

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