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first day of hell

Well, the first day of skool totally sucked. I only have a few teachers I know. but anyways, I came in this morning, gave everyone their cd mixes I made for them, except for Crystal since I gave it to her at lunch. then I get called for Homeroom, and guess who I have for my advisor...Mrs. Kauffman...the most boring teacher in skool. but yeah I didnt get the classes I wanted with electives.

1st Period: World History 2 w/ Mr. Deininger. he seems alright, but he lacks energy with anything. not too many ppl to talk to in there, but there is Jess, which is pretty kool.

2nd Period: Biology w/ Ms. Krempl. It says Mr. on my roster, but I dont think you can call a chick a Mr lol. but yeah, she seems alright also, has some energy and all.

3rd Period: Multimedia Arts w/ Mrs Bogosian. I wanted CISCO, but they gave me this instead. whatever, shes strict as hell, but it might be alright, I dunno.

4th Period: Lunch. It was pretty kool I guess. Kait, Crystal, Krista, and Travis are in that lunch, which is pretty kool. I just wish Joy and Carmen were also :( oh well. It was boring today. But its a bit weird with the Mr. Building Secirity for the instructor and all lol.

5th Period: Algebra 2 w/ Mr. George!!!! Yesssss a good class for once. It was alright. but itll be fun though since I had him for Algebra 1, so itll be an easy class for me.

6th Period: English 3 w/ Mr Sirinides. It was alright, kinda boring though. but oh well, hes a good teacher also.

7th Period: Phys Ed./Health w/ Mr. Meehl. He seems alright, Carmen and Eric are in my class which is pretty kool.

8th Period: Geography w/ Mrs. Francis. I swear, that woman is wigged out on crack. Crystal and Travis are in my class, but they prolly wont stay in. I dont think I am either, but I dunno yet.

I was supposed to meet Joy after skool to help her with Matts locker. one problem, I couldnt find her. I waited down the office for about 5 minutes, checked the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors. saw Mr Evans on the 2nd floor and he was being his normal asshole self, but F*** him. then I checked the office one more time, but didnt see her, so I left and came home. Im so glad to be home now. I think im gonna go shoot myself now (sarcasm). Cause I will not be able to stand a year of this. FTCHS has gone to hell!!!

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